Hamster cage part 3, Building the cage

#FreeCAD #HamsterCage

Some pictures from the building process of the hamster cage. A01-plywood-sheet Cutting through both plywood sheets at the same time, this way they are the same length. One big part for the bottom, two short for the sides and the other big part will be cut for back side and top. A02-cut-plywood Mounted sides and bottom frame A03-sides-in-place Mounted back and top A04-back-top-in-place More support frames and ADILS legs from Ikea mounted A05-legs-and-support-frames Test mounting the lid frames A06-lid-frames Cutting the length of the legs so the cage will be lower. A07-legs-cut-off Ready to move the cage, it's not super heavy just huge. A08-cage-ready-to-move First inspection, and you can see how the lid is folding itself on the top part of the cage. A09-first-inspection Finally moved in A10-finished